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Playing Lesson with Improvement Plan

An ideal place to start is with a playing lesson. You get: A nine hole round of golf or 2 hours of playing time. You will also learn about the scoring rules, the scoring mindset, and a scoring system that guarantees results. Range balls to warm up, and greens fees are included in the price, along with a written game plan afterwords to lower your scores.

$95.00 2 hours, 30 minutes

Solo Coaching: 30 Minutes

In a 30 min. private lesson, we will evaluate your swing using V1 software, and provide you a "Path to Success" You will rec. your video lesson via email or text message so you can review it, and carry it with you to refer back to when necessary.

$40.00 30 minutes

Solo Coaching: 60 Minutes

$65.00 1 hour

Online Video Lesson

Take a Video of your own swing, both down the line and face on, and send it via the V1 application. You will receive a lesson back within 24 hours.

$20.00 30 minutes

10 Week Coaching Program (#ADDMATT)

Matthew Lindberg, PGA member, is the creator of The ADDMATT Program™, the teaching system that is revolutionizing golf instruction worldwide. The ADDMATT Program™ guarantees lower scores and more enjoyment from the game. This program focuses on actual results to your score and helps you play your best golf within 12 weeks. Your program starts with an on course assessment and planning session. During this session, I will have the opportunity to target your strengths, identify needed areas of improvement and get a feel for your current ball control skills. The assessment will allow me to put together an execution plan that will help meet your desired outcomes. Participants in this program may attend workshop sessions throughout the season where we discuss how to play the real game of golf, manage your mindset and emotional state and learn how to practice for permanent results.

$495.00 2 hours, 30 minutes

5 Week Coaching Program (Beginners)

This is a great place to start for any beginner golfer. You will learn the fundamentals of golf. The final week we will go onto the golf course for a playing lesson and to apply the fundamentals. An improvement plan will be handed out at the end so you know the next steps to developing within the game of golf.

$150.00 1 hour, 30 minutes

Bootcamp Coaching

4 players per session – $60 per session. Boot camp sessions are open to MEN and WOMEN. This is a great opportunity for couples that enjoy learning together. Sessions are 60 mins long and will cover one or two specific game improvement areas. Boot Camp sessions include instruction on fundamentals and ball control concepts. If you are working on a swing change or in need of lots of skill development hours, this program is perfect for you. Your training package includes 10 sessions to be used within a 90-day period from the start date (with the exception of holidays). You are also welcome and encouraged to attend the on course Boot Camp on Saturday Mornings as an addition to Boot Camp sessions on the practice facility.

$60.00 1 hour

Level 2 Junior Camp

$225.00 2 hours